Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder Ducati V Twin Many Models Red CLU1260

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Oberon Performance

€129,80 €149,80

Oberon Performance Clutch Slave Cylinder CLU1260 - to improve the efficiency and appearance of the original clutch slave cylinder.


The internal piston design and seal have been improved to eliminate leaks and provide a smoother clutch action.
CNC machined from T6 billet alloy for lightness, strength and good looks.
Everything you need is included in the kit, including full instructions.
Oberon piston seals are manufactured from special Viton rubber that is frozen and then CNC machined with a U-shape specifically designed for hydraulic use.
The piston itself is guided by a copper based piston guide to prevent wear and maintain correct alignment within the slave unit. This provides smoother leverage and extends the life of the product.
Fluid (Use only Ducati approved fluid)

Suitable for the following models and versions:
Ducati, DesertX, 2022-2022
Ducati, Diavel 1260, 2019-2022
Ducati, Diavel 1260 S, 2019-2022
Ducati, Hypermotard 950, 2019-2022
Ducati, Hypermotard 950 SP, 2019-2022
Ducati, Hypermotard RVE, 2020-2022
Ducati, Monster, 2021-2022
Ducati, Monster +, 2021-2022
Ducati, Monster 1200, 2020-2022
Ducati, Monster 1200 S, 2020-2022
Ducati, Multistrada 1260, 2018-2021
Ducati, Multistrada 1260 Enduro, 2019-2021
Ducati, Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak, 2018-2021
Ducati, Multistrada 1260 S, 2018-2021
Ducati, Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour, 2020-2021
Ducati, Multistrada 950, 2019-2022
Ducati, Multistrada 950 S, 2019-2022
Ducati, Multistrada V2, 2022-2022
Ducati, Multistrada V2 S, 2022-2022
Ducati, Scrambler 1100, 2018-2021
Ducati, Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro, 2022-2022
Ducati, Scrambler 1100 Pro, 2020-2021
Ducati, Scrambler 1100 Special, 2018-2020
Ducati, Scrambler 1100 Sport, 2018-2021
Ducati, Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro, 2020-2022
Ducati, Scrambler Cafe Racer, 2019-2020
Ducati, Scrambler Dark Pro, 2021-2021
Ducati, Scrambler Desert Sled, 2019-2022
Ducati, Scrambler Full Throttle, 2019-2021
Ducati, Scrambler ICON, 2019-2022
Ducati, Scrambler ICON Dark, 2020-2022
Ducati, Scrambler MACH 2.0, 2019-2019
Ducati, Scrambler Nightshift, 2021-2022
Ducati, Scrambler Tribute Pro, 2022-2022
Ducati, Scrambler Urban Motard, 2022-2022
Ducati, Supersport 950, 2021-2022
Ducati, Supersport 950 S, 2021-2022
Ducati, X Diavel Black Star, 2021-2022
Ducati, X Diavel Dark, 2021-2022

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Oberon Performance's slave cylinder comes with a lifetime guarantee as standard - including parts and labor (customers must return faulty products to Oberon in the UK).
You may return products for replacement or repair that are more than 12 months old from the date of purchase if an Oberon Performance member has been contacted prior to shipment. Your details will be recorded and you will be given a returns number. Failure to obtain a return authorization number will void this warranty. Customers pay postage for products older than 12 months (from customer to Oberon Performance). Oberon will reimburse all reasonable shipping costs for genuine warranty situations.
Oberon Performance reserves the right to refuse any warranty if the returned product shows signs of damage. Natural wear and tear is acceptable. Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

Please do not open the product to inspect the internals. This voids the warranty offered by Oberon Performance.

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