BoosterPlug Honda VFR 800 1200 VTEC F X Crosstourer Tuning Dongle

BoosterPlug Honda VFR 800 1200  VTEC F X Crosstourer Motor Leerlauf Tuning Dongle Optimisateur




The BoosterPlug is accepted worldwide as a very effective fuel injection tuning method for your Honda VFR 800 1200 VTEC F X Crosstourer motorcycle. It will transform your motorcycle at low rpm from OK to Excellent.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a Power Commander + dyno-tuning to make your bike run properly.

The BoosterPlug works alongside the fuel injection ECU to make the air / fuel mixture slightly richer. This is the best way to eliminate typical fuel injection problems:

  • unpredictable throttle response,
  • poor idle and poor running at low speed.
  • engine stalling
  • exhaust popping

The BoosterPlug can be installed in 10 minutes. It plugs directly into your motorcycle wiring loom, using its original connector. You do not need to cut any cables, there is no computer programming, there are no problems.

BoosterPlug recommends that you do not remove the O2 sensor in any situation. When you remove the O2 sensor, the ECU will see the air / fuel ratio as being too lean but often the software does not allow the fuel mixture to be as rich as is necessary. In addition the ECU will only make the change in mixture if it trusts the O2 sensor signal. And this is normally when you are riding the bike at a steady speed on the open road. This means that you will get the richer mixture where you need it the least. So you waste fuel at higher speeds and run the risk of it still being too lean at low speeds.

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