Oberon Performance Brake Lever Harley Davidson - LEV-B100 STANDARD

Oberon Performance Bremshebel Harley Davidson - LEV-B100 Brake Lever Levier Frein Leva Freno

Oberon Performance


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Oberon SKU reference: LEV-B100-1-BLK-BLK

Compatible with following models:

Harley Davidson, XL1200C CUSTOM, 2004-2013
Harley Davidson, XL1200C CUSTOM ANNIVERSARY, 2013-2013
Harley Davidson, XL1200CA CUSTOM LIMITED A, 2013-2013
Harley Davidson, XL1200CB CUSTOM LIMITED B, 2013-2013
Harley Davidson, XL1200CP CUSTOM CP, 2011-2013
Harley Davidson, XL1200L LOW, 2006-2011
Harley Davidson, XL1200N NIGHTSTER, 2007-2012
Harley Davidson, XL1200R ROADSTER, 2004-2008
Harley Davidson, XL1200V SEVENTY-TWO, 2012-2013
Harley Davidson, XL1200X FORTY-EIGHT, 2010-2013
Harley Davidson, XL50 50TH ANNIVERSARY, 2007-2007
Harley Davidson, XL883 883, 2004-2009
Harley Davidson, XL883C CUSTOM, 2004-2009
Harley Davidson, XL883L LOW, 2005-2010
Harley Davidson, XL883L SUPER LOW, 2011-2013
Harley Davidson, XL883N IRON, 2009-2013
Harley Davidson, XL883R ROADSTER, 2005-2013
Harley Davidson, XR1200, 2009-2010
Harley Davidson, XR1200X, 2010-2013

Adjustable Harley Davidson motorcycle levers by Oberon Performance.

Fingertip control adjustment in both directions.

Eight adjustment positions. Adjustment up to 30 mm lever travel.

The unique RADIAL CAM ® design achieves this exceptional range with ease, mainly due to the close tolerance design and high precision quality roller.

Each position has a reassuring "click".

Each lever is shipped fully assembled and ready to use.

The cams in the levers have been hard anodized for durability and reliability and have been adequately lubricated upon assembly to ensure a smooth adjustment transition.

This is a non-serviceable product unless returned to the Oberon factory in the UK.

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